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Privacy and Security of Your Health Care Information

Privacy We strive to maintain your privacy, confidentiality and security at all times. Our providers and staff are educated in the area of confidentiality, understand the appropriate uses of private health information, and are required to abide by the privacy and security standards that protect patient health information as set forth by state and federal law. Your information will remain private through the use of MyChart. Should you chose to grant proxy access to others, you may do so after logging into MyChart and accessing the "Resource" tab.

Secure Medical Records and Communication All communication between you and your healthcare providers in MyChart are secure. This system operates on a secure server and your personal and professional information and health-related personal information is encrypted before it is transmitted using the best online security technology. Encryption is a form of scrambling and de-scrambling that ensures that no unauthorized person can see your information.

Access Codes When you created your account, you also created a Username and a Password to gain access to your medical records through MyChart. Please do NOT share this information with anyone. You may change your password anytime you desire. You may also set up your account with additional security, by adding another layer of verification. These options are available under the Profile icon, then select "Security Settings". Forgotten Username or Password? Click on "Forgot Username?" or "Forgot Password?" on the Login page.